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– Born Happy Show podcast –

Show notes: http://www.bornhappy.co/gratitude
Listen here: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-born-happy-show/e/how-to-feel-grateful-even-when-you-hate-your-life-a-happy-hour-42081985



– Mothering Matters feature article – How to Be One of Those Annoying Happy and Grateful People from February 2016

gratitude article graphic– “How to get the most from Gratitude” was so much fun to write for the beautiful team at This Life Magazinehttps://issuu.com/thislife1/docs/thislife-may2016-try/c/spaoh6i
The full link to the whole lovely magazine, for Swiss based parents is: http://issuu.com/thislife1/docs/thislife-may2016-try

The Gratitude Papers blog is now online, with some extracts from the book, as well as articles on the meaning of gratitude and excellent gratitude quotes.



Ignite! ZurichIgnite Zürich – Friday 27th May 2016
“Getting Gratitude; Getting the Gift!”
Forget what you thought you knew about gratitude! What are your blocks to experiencing gratitude and how can you increase its flow in your life.


Curious Courses, October 20th 2016, Zürich

“Live life in full colour – How to get more gratitude (and happiness) into your life!”

Have you heard that gratitude will significantly improve your life? That it can bring you from a low or depressive state back up to experiencing the world with a smile? How can such a small thing make that much of a difference?

By attending this course, you will understand how gratitude truly works, how science backs this up and how far reaching the benefits are. This will help you use gratitude to move away from negative thinking and open you up to feel and delight in the world more, turning up the colour in your life!

We will cover the following points:-

  • The misunderstandings of gratitude revealed!
  • Discover the beliefs you had that blocked you from finding gratitude in your life
  • Learn the 3 levels of gratitude
  • Understand how to effectively create a gratitude journal
  • Appreciate how to integrate other gratitude practices effortlessly into your day

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Get more gratitude in your life!


I know how busy you must be and it seems a lot to try to sqeeeeeze in gratitude into the hustle and bustle of life.

I have designed a free Gratitude Mediation series, that is delivered directly into your mailbox over the space of a week.