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headshot eyesclosedWhy would I go and do such a daft thing as to write a book?

The Gratitude Papers has been formed over the years of working with expat mums (and a few dads!) in Switzerland and the UK. I found that many mums came to me suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. My job was to help them untangle their thoughts and teach them how to work with life, not against it. Many times we would talk about the power of Gratitude, how to appreciate their beautiful families and be thankful for the big and the little in their lives. it was amazing, to me, how many women believed they were indeed grateful in their lives. As a coach, I doubted this as I was still working with them! Digging deeper, I discovered all the ways and all the thinking that they had, and would hold onto, that was blocking gratitude in their lives and keeping them stressed, anxious, lacklustre, depressed and down right miserable.


Then it was my turn…

Then last summer I crashed. Too much work and I spun into a low mood that went on and on. I decided to take a little of my own medicine and personally and deliberately explore gratitude. I had often told my clients to take this journey, I knew the pitfalls and mistakes, so now it was my turn. I started making notes of this journey in what I called The Gratitude Papers, as they were little notes scattered here and there (and my 8 year old insisted that was what it would be called, so who am I to argue!).

Slowly I started to rise up again as I broke through my fuggy thinking that was cutting me off from the world. And I kept writing. And writing. I am still am. I am living and breathing this now and life is amazing. I want to share this with you. Check out the podcast and article. If it sparks something in you, drop me an email and we can talk.


354114940962722_a-cd506f62_jGbjUg_pmCoaching and Consultancy

I run a coaching for parents practice in Switzerland and the UK.
For more visit: www.fureycoaching.com


Speaker and Workshop facilitation

I have spoken at Google Zurich, given workshops for Curious Courses and I am a former Toastmaster. Contact me to discuss bringing an understanding of gratitude to your group, organisation or business.


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Get more gratitude in your life!


I know how busy you must be and it seems a lot to try to sqeeeeeze in gratitude into the hustle and bustle of life.

I have designed a free Gratitude Mediation series, that is delivered directly into your mailbox over the space of a week.