Gratitude at Curious CoursesLive Life with Gratitude
Workshop hosted by Curious Courses, in Zurich, Switzerland

Date: 20th October 2016

Time: 19:00 – 21:30 (2.5 hours). Registration from 18:45

Speaker: Tammy Furey

Venue: Verena-Conzett-Strasse 23, 8004 Zurich

Refreshment: Light refreshment will be provided

Price: CHF 75 per person

Live life in full colour – How to get more gratitude (and happiness) into your life!

Have you heard that gratitude will significantly improve your life? That it can bring you from a low or depressive state back up to experiencing the world with a smile? How can such a small thing make that much of a difference?

By attending this course, you will understand how gratitude truly works, how science backs this up and how the benefits can be far reaching. This will help you use gratitude to move away from negative thinking and open you up to feel and delight in the world more, turning up the colour in your life!

We will cover the following points:-

The misunderstandings of gratitude revealed!
Discover the beliefs you had that blocked you from finding gratitude in your life
Learn the 3 levels of gratitude
Understand how to effectively create a gratitude journal
Appreciate how to integrate other gratitude practices effortlessly into your day
When you understand how gratitude works, you will find that there is more to be grateful for. Register for a space on this course now at Curious Courses