Writing!Wow! Wonderful to see you here!

So you want to open yourself up to more gratitude? Or is that a little to scary? How about……. do you want a happier, more joyful life? Really. That’s is what we are essentially talking about here: turning up the colour in your life; taking joy in the smallest things and not getting bummed out so much by the other stuff.

Totally possible.

I did it.

I do it.

Then I forget,

get bummed out,

then I remember.

Then I write about it.

The Gratitude Papers will be out in 2016.

Read more about my work at www.fureycoaching.com

I am slowly getting the word out about the book through various channels including podcasts, magazine articles and the joys of Instagram. I even have a few speaking dates booked that I can’t tell you about right now 😉

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Get more gratitude in your life!


I know how busy you must be and it seems a lot to try to sqeeeeeze in gratitude into the hustle and bustle of life.

I have designed a free Gratitude Mediation series, that is delivered directly into your mailbox over the space of a week.